Why would anyone settle for a ordinary "budget" Wedding DJ? Your wedding is the biggest party you're ever going to throw and unquestionably one of the most important days of your entire life. It's the only occasion where everyone you know and love will be in the same room at the same time and the whole evening reception will pivot on the quality of your selected DJ. It's a GIGANTIC decision - If you yourself have been to any weddings recently you will know firsthand the importance of the role in which the DJ serves. It is arguable that the DJ is one of the most important suppliers you will source for your wedding and unquestionable that he or she will have the lion share of time at your event, in fact it's the only part of the wedding that your evening guests will experience. The ceremony lasts approx 40 minutes, food 1.5hrs, speeches 25 minutes, cake cut in 5 minutes but the DJ will likely perform a 5hr set!






Your musical input as well as that of your close friends and family is very important to me. After all it will help me to get your evening's entertainment just perfect for you on the night . Truly nothing matters to me more than this.

I insist on meeting everyone of my clients to gage the perfect vision of their individual requirements. I am fully open to work under any guide or playlist if so required yet also want to be accountable for my work as well as use my abilities to read a crowd. In short I will be your perfect Wedding DJ and your vision is my priority but I need a little licence to read the crowd, use my common sense, intuition and skill. I need your trust to a degree and will win this in the first meeting! I promise 🙂





Because no two weddings are the same, I offer a truly bespoke service. My packages are designed exactly to your specific needs and my music selections creatively different at each unique party I perform.




I come to you with two decades of experience and over £40k worth of kit and music

I am a leading expert within my industry

I have won multiple awards for my DJ abilities

I have a unrivalled reputation for filing dance floors

I am very passionate about being a Wedding DJ

I have integrity of character and a proven track record

I will provide a stress free service for your complete peace of mind

I am recommended by many of the best venues in the South East (UK)

I will meet you for a no-obligation, no-pressure chat before you book

I will seamlessly mix and beat match your chosen music on a world class sound system without any unnecessary cheesy chat on mic!

I will work with you on your request lists to personalise your party

I am a full body member of NADJ (The National Association Of DJs)

I care for the reliability and safety for my equipment and your guests, I have Pubic Liability Insurance and am a fully qualified Electrical Appliance Test Engineer.


Costello Ventures Ltd
12 Ewell Park Way, Epsom Surrey, KT17 2NP